Oh Yoko. I have been following her for the last several years, during my modeling days, and now during my  photography days. She has changed her handle but has always included Yoko. I was in awe and shock when she reached out to ask me to shoot and of course said yes with excitement.

I picked her up from the Seattle Ferry docs, she wore jeans, a green coat and backpack. She looked like she was ready to hang in the Seattle weather in the woods somewhere. She was open and funny, but most of all. she was sincere and open to the ideas of conceptual art.

She has shot with many photogs, and her movement comes naturally, just like her looks. Her natural beauty and sweetness comes through without hesitation. Her body is work of art with vibrant colored tattoos that light up a frame. Her set includes some of my favorite portraits, not just because of her beauty, but because the rawness behind them. Stephanie doesn't play a role when she models, she models herself and her joyful spirit. Her eyes always open and attuned to the camera with confidence.

Thank you Stephanie for reaching out and asking to shoot. And thank you for playing along with my crazy ideas. 

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