I had interview Masha before at her home for our Cannabis Talks, and I was surprised when she had reached out again to me, this time to shoot. Because I have have shot her in a more comfortable setting and for a completely different topic and look, I liked the idea of presenting Masha in a more sensual way. 

Her natural olive skin tone matches well with greenery so I had brought some flowers and plants to accentuate that. I also wanted her to be in lace, she is a natural beauty and subtle lace was all that was needed to bring out her flawless skin and dark eyes. 

Although Masha has not been in front of the camera that often, she brought her confidence, which is really all that she needed. I am happy with this set and the different lens distortions I played with.  Masha did beautify and the look was spot on. Enjoy this set with Masha.

Complete Set

Behind the Scenes

Before and After