I have shot this sweet and kind soul a couple of times before and what can I say, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang nails it every time. Kitty can sing, dance, act, and model; her talent list runs long and around the Seattle area she is also known as the queen of glam cannabis. 

I wanted to do something different this time with her and in a different setting. I choose my own home this time. I have done many self-portraits here and know the lighting well. What I envisioned was a girlfriend and boyfriend experience under the sheets with Kitty being the flirtatious girl. I set up strobe lighting outside the sheets to give it a glowing feel and I really liked the results.

The other concept we tried was a stoner girl munching in the kitchen. I went to the store and bought all my favorite munchie food and I just let Kitty play with it and of course after the shoot we ate a good portion of it. 

Taking portraits of Kitty is also simple, she can get herself into any role you put in front of her with ease and killed this shoot. 
Enjoy this Shoot with Kitty

Complete Set

Before and After