I was in the mood to do something different now that the weather had warmed up and the Seattle sun was making its return. Gabby had hit me up to shoot and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to play around with a ferry concept that I had stashed in the back of my mind. I wanted a more sophisticated look on the Ferry with an almost vintage feel. Luckily in Seattle the sun never stays out too long during these early spring times and creates a dramatic background which I was able to capture.

Gabby did excellent shooting in front of all the ferry goers who were most likely wondering what we were doing but also stayed out of the shot and I was most grateful for that. The ferry took us to Bainbridge Island and I have never been there before, but I had look at pictures of the Fort they have on the island with a beach I used these vague google images to help me plan out the rest of the shoot.

The beach was a more breezy relaxed feel, as the beach should be, and also the wind added some drama to the cannabis smoke and to her hair. We ended up not walking all the way to the fort, Gabby’s heals were tall and I didn’t want her feet to be hurting so we stopped at an old lookout on the way to the fort. I wanted a more fashion ordinated shoot with the selection of clothing and a more grungy feeling as well.

Gabby nailed all three concepts effortlessly and was a delight to shoot. Enjoy this set with Gabby!

Complete Set

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