I have been following Diana for several years on social media and our paths have crossed some of the same photographers in the past, but we have never met face to face before our shoot. I was ecstatic when she reached out to shot with me and better yet, to shot at the most intimate place for her, her home.

Her gorgeous green eyes and beautiful red hair is such a rare combination that bringing out those features is effortless. Diana is one of the more professional models I have worked with and her resume’ ranges from commercial work to fine art photography. Her professionalism and confidence allows for a graceful shoot. The natural light in her home and the greenery of her house plants created the perfect setting to bring out her natural movements.

This time I didn’t have Oleg with me to capture the behind the scenes as I usually do, but I also enjoyed just the girly time that we had. I had brought some joints for her to smoke, as I do for all my cannabis shots, but she is very European and preferred to only smoke spiffs. She rolled one as we talked, in fact, we talked throughout our shoot about the many experiences we have had being models.

Diana is truly graceful and a pro when it comes to posing. She knows her light and angles and plays off of the camera.

Enjoy this set with the stunning Diana.

Complete Set

Before and After