I was approached by a baby face male model to shoot to help improve his content and reach. Although I mainly shoot women, as a photographer I love opening my range as well as shooting all types of people. 

Jr just came back from Portland after doing a runway show when we met up in Georgetown. We used a space that I had reached out to to see if they allow cannabis use and Harry the owner was perfectly ok with it. I wanted to go with a chilling at home, just making some music feel and Jr nailed it. He took the concept and rolled with it. 

The place also had some very cool red lighting that I wanted to use that again tested my camera and my knowledge with the extremely low lighting, but we ended up with some sick shots. What I really enjoyed about Jr was he was down for anything and went for it because he also wanted to stretch his modeling range. 

I really enjoyed the challenges and concepts we used and love the final results.