Chipper Farms

As the fall months in the Northwest come upon us and the days begin to shorten, the last harvest for outdoor cannabis growers falls in October. While this exciting time of being able to reap what you sow is a busy and frantic one, we were lucky enough to have a friend invite us over to document his farm during this seasons harvest.

Chipper Farms is as family owned Washington State I502 recreational cannabis producer/processor dedicated to growing cannabis naturally and cleanly while still maintaining the integrity, flavor and potency of their flowers. It’s a small outdoor and green house grown farm that even includes an old red barn. The owners live on the property and were nice enough to invite us into their home for a smoke and chat after we were done shooting a day of harvest work.

This family business keeps it real with their plants and work and as a cannabis user, we appreciate that. Enjoy these photos from the most down to earth Cannabis farms we have been to and thank you Chipper Farms for letting us visit, we will see you again next round.