It was the first snow storm Seattle had seen all winter and it happened to be in the beginning of February. It also happened to be the day I had a shoot at a restaurant, however, one of the models got into a fender bender and couldn't make it. With 5 hours remaining before the shoot time, I desperately posted for a fill in model on my Instagram and I couldn't have been more happier when this sprite of the women replied that she down to shoot.

Suzy is from Montana so the snow was nothing to her and it didn't even phase us. With this being an unplanned and un-arranged shoot, we just did whatever we wanted and experimented with multiple looks. The restaurant turned out to be very dim lighting that day so all shots were shot in manual which I loved the challenge and couldn't be more pleased with the results. 

Suzy being a dancer moved fluidly and with humor and feeling. We played with different lighting and ideas and the results are magic. I enjoyed the spontaneity of Suzy and the shoot in general. It is so awesome the collaborative effort the photography community has. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do.