Sugarleaf Farms

Sugar and spice and everything nice.

A couple of weeks ago Oleg and I had the honor of getting a tour of Sugarleaf Farms in the beautiful county of Skagit. Mark, the owner, showed us how he grows and had built his facility as a reflection of his world view. His wonderful ideals of sustainability shows in his energy efficient methods of using a mix of LEDS and HPS lights, but moreover, they have built an ecosystem inside their facility with the use of living fertilizers. They house hundreds of gold fish in their aquaponics system to produce waste that then gets cycled through biological filters containing bacteria beneficial to the plant. The bacteria converts the waste to nitrogen which acts as a fertilizer to their amazing cannabis canopy.

This method is truly unique and an inspiration to other growers. Sustainability is the future and Sugarleaf is a leader in starting this desperately needed movement in the cannabis industry. If you are wondering how this method works on the end results of the flower, just check out the images below, some of the frostiest and dense strains and plants we have seen. 

Checkout Sugarleaf Farm's website at and their instagram here