Cultivar Syndicate

Oleg and I were invited to tour a state of the art agricultural cannabis facility located in the heart of SoDo called Cultivar Syndicate and by great merlin's beard we were blown away! The amount of remodeling they had completed on this old warehouse, in addition to the incredible investment and commitment they show to the growing, caring, research, and cultivation of their impressive strains was truly mind blowing. Jason and Alex (Owners/Partners) have been in the cannabis industry for years and it shows. They created and built a solid rock for their empire and will soon be flooding your local retail store with some fire. Not only are their rooms filled with that loud, but they also have a cutting edge tissue culture lab with their own propriety methods of growing disease free cannabis. This is truly a unique facility that has all the makings of becoming an industry leader and that will be for sure doing great things in the future. 

Oleg and I wanted to take this opportunity to explore different views and lighting concepts on their grow and therefore created two different looks that are uniquely our own and both are shown below.

Thank you Jason, Alex, and the staff at Cultivar Syndicate and be sure to check out their Instagram at for when and where they will be available near you.